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The truth


The truth about love is that it hurts,
How can something so good hurt so bad? Man I never knew until this just past.
I gave everything even my last.
But maybe that just ain’t good enough, maybe love and loyalty don’t amount to trust.
Why even have you if I don’t really have you?

Story of my life !



One day ♡
In love
Nips are baumm

my blog will make you horny ;)

"I can only speak for myself but as a woman I admire honesty. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who is completely honest about his intentions, a man who has enough self esteem and confidence to let me know where we stand. If I have decided to get to know you, and invest time in you I would appreciate your honesty. Let me know what my end of the deal is, don’t I deserve that? If your sole intention is to engage in a physical relationship and keep it casual whilst entertaining other women, let it be known. Tell me.. “Listen all I wanna do is chill and have some fun” that’s fine, great and thank you, I respect that and now I can decide if this is what I want, when to shut of my emotions (if I do involve myself in this) and where I’m choosing to invest my time. There are many other women you can chose from who would love a causal relationship. So, please do not allow me to catch feelings and think that we are both falling for each other, when you have an ulterior motive. I can’t respect that. A real man “with game” doesn’t have to trick women into sleeping with them. Just be real with me and in return I promise to trust you"

- - KushAndWizdom (via kushandwizdom)